Write Now?

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather as a result of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” –Fredrick Koenig, Co-Inventor of the printing press
Natazha's 66 mustang

It wasn’t until after Natazha and I were already married that I even saw her classic 1966 Mustang. It had been sitting under a tarp in storage for several years, as Nat had been busy bouncing between California, Miami, New York and beyond with a busy modeling career, and the Mustang had gone into a mechanical hibernation. Old cars are simple in comparison to today’s technology, but they don’t like to be left too long without being taken out for a spin. Let them sleep too long and they might not wake up.  As part of our settling in to our new life together in Laguna Beach, CA we got an old friend of Natazha’s (a great mechanic) to get under the hood and breathe life back into the old classic.

Stories are a lot like classic cars- if you let them sit too long without enjoying them your memory struggles to crank and rust eats away at the details. If you have ever owned an old car,  boat, or classic motorcycle you can appreciate the duality of being both the proud owner and the frustrated amateur mechanic. When it comes to storytelling, living the adventures and even verbally sharing them with friends and family is the Sunday cruising. Finding the time to write them down can be the greasy garage work, but in the end that is what keeps them alive.

Guitar4TayaIt has been a couple of years since I last sat down to share our ongoing story. This blog’s predecessor, Learning Experience, was focused on my area of travel expertise (finding and reporting on the best learning vacations around the world) and the beginnings of Natazha and my adventures together.  We had a great following, but after three solid years of storytelling I got burnt out and needed a break. Life didn’t bother to slow down, and if anything it has sped up even more in the time since. Travel. Photo shoots. Launching our own brand. HAVING A BEAUTIFUL BABY! Yes, we’ve been busy.

Write now? These days everyone with a business or a website is encouraged to blog and actively maintain their virtual daily existence across multiple social media platforms to stay relevant. It is exhausting. When I was encouraged by our agency to put together a portfolio site and start blogging again I sighed and thought about all that we have going on right now. That’s when I realized that was exactly why I had to write again. Life  is full and beautiful and exhausting and inspiring every day. There’s no shortage of great things to write about.

So I’m cranking up our storytelling vehicle again. The site has a new look and we’ll be writing about everything from travel to fashion to photography to design inspiration. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Zach + Natazha + taya tupelo

1 response to Write Now?

  1. Philip Romero says:

    I enjoy your pics and adventure s you share with my good friend Selso Huerta! Yes life is short and time goes by fast. Enjoy each and every and enjoy your time with family and friends. Keep up the story telling and Thanks again for sharing.

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