Essential Beach Accessories for Summer

My favorite season is just around the corner, SUMMER!  I love summer- longer days, warmer nights, salty hair, sandy toes, beach bronzing and barbeques.  We are pretty lucky here in Southern California to get a lot more than just three months of summer life and beach days, which is why I believe so much summer fashion and beach style inspiration originates from here.  This year I designed and introduced a new beach accessory, the Bikini Clutch, a stylish handbag with a waterproof liner that is great for keeping your personal items dry at the beach, poolside, or on a boat. (It is also great for stashing your wet bikini in before you head home!)  In addition to the Bikini Clutch, here are a few of my favorite essentials I’ll be taking to the beach this summer:

essential beach accessories this summer

1. Roundie beach towel by The Beach People Aussie company The Beach People put a new spin on the classic beach towel by making them round, and they are really popular this year. Way to think outside the box Australia! haha!  These towels are so beautiful they look like they could be rugs in your home.  The Roundie is not only unique but also really well made… and come on, it has fringe! Who doesn’t love fringe!

2. The Swimmer waterproof bluetooth speaker by Boom    This speaker goes everywhere… It’s lightweight and can clip onto just about anything. Take it to the beach, on a hike, you can even put it in your shower.  The sound quality is really impressive for its size, and if it gets sandy you just rinse it off.

3. Coola organic sunscreen  Finally a sunscreen that isn’t filled with a ton of chemicals, isn’t tested on animals, and is safe and effective for your skin!  I love companies that take an eco-friendly and responsible approach to their products and the way they do business.  I can’t wait to try the baby sunscreen on Taya when we head down to Costa Rica in a few months.

4. One Love Tea diffuser bottle I found this cool bottle at the Laguna Beach Farmer’s Market.  I had no idea that you could cold brew tea.  All you have to do is put loose leaf tea in the strainer at the bottom of the bottle and fill the rest with water.  In about ten minutes you will have delicious, refreshing and hydrating tea. My favorite flavor at the moment is Berry Bliss Yerbamate.

5. RAEN sunglasses  Effortlessly hip, this great eyewear company from San Diego has a lot of cool styles to choose from. Z and I have done photo shoots for RAEN before, but we were big fans of their sunnies way before working with them. Pictured here are the Arkin Crystal Rose + Brindle.



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