Interview with AMUSE SOCIETY Co-Founder, Mandy Fry

I met Mandy the first year of the Design for Humanity fashion show, when she was the head designer for Billabong. I was invited back to model her designs for all of the Design for Humanity shows that followed, and it was always one of my favorite runway shows to do. Mandy is an amazing designer and inspiring person, and is now one of the co-founders of the ultra cool new brand AMUSE SOCIETY. 
When did you start designing? How did you get into it?
Right after high school, I headed west to California and attended design school. I thought I wanted to be a buyer, but quickly realized I had a love for design. My parents mentored me from many miles away and I quickly learned that beyond just having creativity I had to work hard, put in the hours, and work on building relationships. This was my ticket into the fashion world!
What inspires you and your collections?
I love to travel and collect inspo along the way. Vintage is also a huge part of the design process for Amuse and there is nothing better then scoring the perfect piece that ignites an idea for the next collection. I also love dreaming up everything I personally would want to take on my next holiday!
What is something that goes on behind the scenes of building a new brand that most people would have no idea about?
We have a small team so we all wear a lot of hats and its a daily juggling act. We are working on 3 seasons at 1 time and obsessing over the direction of the next collection at all times!
Consumers only see the end result, but watching the collection come to life is an amazing experience.  We start designing and fitting the garments months before they hit retailers.  It’s a long but rewarding process!
What is AMUSE all about? What is the vibe?
The AMUSE girl is a “rock muse on a beach holiday.”  She’s feminine- yet tough, effortlessly cool and sexy.
How would you describe your personal style?
I love feminine pieces mixed with more casual items, like my trusty beat up vintage Levis.   I’ll combine high end brands with Amuse pieces, as well as vintage tops and caftans.  I also love Annie Bing boots, and I have fun layering jewelry from Luv Aj and Vanessa Mooney. I also love my collection of Glady’s and Janessa Leone hats!
What’s your secret for how to balance your time and energy between being a mama, a designer, and being co-president of one of the hottest up-and-coming lifestyle apparel brands around? 
I wouldn’t have any balance at all without an insanely hands-on and amazing husband. He is the glue that binds our family together. He helps me remember that there is always tomorrow but at the same time pushes me to work hard and play hard.
I also surround myself with strong women you have the same standards as I do. I like women who like to work hard and wake up everyday wanting to make a difference. I am really bored with those who feel entitled.
Where are a few of your favorite local places to eat, shop, hang out?
Eating……My guilty pleasure is Nourish in San Clemente. You will find me there on the days I don’t have time to make my own green juice. I am obsessed with their green juices, smoothies, and acai bowls.
For dinner, I love Tabu in Laguna. Its where my husband and I had our first date so we feel at home there.
We love the Cellar in San Clemente for meeting up with friends for a beautiful glass of wine.
Shopping……hmmm…..I travel a long way to get my inspo and personal shopping done but if I am local I often find a new bikini at The Shop in Laguna. A fun piece of jewelry or a new dress at Prism in Long Beach. Cleobella is my go to handbag and I love stopping in their store in Seal Beach.  Novella Royale HQ is in my hometown so I often stop there for an emergency outfit for my next trip.
Lately, my hangout has been my neighborhood. I work and travel a lot so when I am in town I love being home and having friends over or meeting them down at our beach.
Where is your favorite travel destination?
I have so many…..some I love just for me and my husband and some I love for traveling with our kids.
Our favorite family spot is Tavarua in Fiji!  We love our friends who live and run the island and have had the most memorable experiences there.
It is the one place our kids can run free and I can relax. I love being in the ocean and laying by the pool with no care in the world except deciding what bikini to put on next!
What is next up on your bucket list?
Hard to list just one but I would have to say Greece because I have never been there! I want to go with my husband and kids and spend a few weeks basking in the sun!
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