About Z+N

Z+N by R GammaZach and Natazha McDuffie are a husband and wife duo that travel, dream, create, and blog together. Natazha is an international model and designer, and Zach is a photographer, artist, and travel expert. From their home base in Laguna Beach, California they explore the world seeking inspiration and new learning experiences, shooting travel and fashion editorials and campaigns along the way. They are the creative force behind School of the World, a well known surf, yoga, Spanish, and photography learning vacation destination in Costa Rica, and have recently launched their own brand of travel inspired accessories called Soulucean.

Z and Natazha’s love story is an inspiring one. Despite having been two very independent souls prior, they have been inseparable since the first moment they met. Combining their lives and talents resulted in making great images together, and the couple’s creative combination came to be known as Z+N. The two are married and now have a beautiful baby girl, Taya Tupelo McDuffie, which added adventure family to the list of travel and lifestyle stories they tell.

Zach and Natazha McDuffie

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