The Show

Learning Experience Vacation with a Passion

Whether it is learning to make chocolate in Paris, fly fish in a Wyoming river, or photograph wild dolphins underwater in the Bahamas, there is a vacation school for just about everyone.  Join globe-trotting photographer Zach McDuffie —founder of a school for travelers in Costa Rica and an expert on learning vacations — along with co-host and international model Natazha Aiken as they seek out the world’s most fascinating workshops, retreats and fantasy camps.

Learning Experience focuses on a fast-growing travel genre known as learning vacations that combines people’s dreams, hobbies and “bucket list” ambitions with some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. This docu-series explores different passions and the stories of the people and places that surround them.

Your Hosts

Zach “Z” McDuffie

Zach is an American born artist/ photographer/ designer/ filmmaker that founded a cool school for travelers in Costa Rica back in 1997 (School of the World). He designed a boutique hotel and combined elements of a surf camp, yoga retreat, Spanish school, and photography workshop in a very unique way. The school became a launch pad that allowed him to travel far and wide in pursuit of his own passions, and along the way he became an expert on learning vacations. Learning Experience is not just a project for him, it is a way of life.  Zach has an insatiable appetite for learning new things from passionate people. His goal with both the show and this blog is to share that with you.

Natazha Aiken

Natazha is an international model and spokesperson that has appeared in magazine ad campaigns, TV commercials, and runway shows from L.A. to Hong Kong since she was 14 years old.  A mutual friend connected Zach and Natazha when she heard he was looking for a co-host for the Learning Experience show. Neither one of them expected what was to come next…. after only a few moments together they both realized that they would be partners-in-crime for all of life’s adventures from that moment on.  Natazha loves art, food, and adventure and her contagious energy jumps through the lens. She will be contributing to the blog by capturing behind-the-scenes moments and helping Zach co-host the show.

The Learning Experience is currently in production and will be available for viewing online as part of the
Learning Vacation Network when it launches in 2012. The Learning Vacation Network website will include a searchable database of learning vacations with traveler reviews, an online media channel with webisodes, travel stories, news, special offers, vacation giveaways, and more. In the meantime, subscribe to this blog for updates on the progress and to discover the best vacation schools, retreats, and workshops around the world.

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  1. Looking good buddy. I’m trying to get back to my blogging in my spare time away from article writing. Will try to interact with you guys more soon. Peace.

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